Recently, I attended a recognition dinner at my company for 10 years of service and I was shocked at the photos to follow. I was overweight, looked old and worn out. What happened? I saw myself as an aging gracefully 40 something guy, but I’m actually 55 now and it’s time for a life style change if I want to live longer. Living is one thing, but¬†without good health it really sucks.

I’ve never been prone to exercise, mainly because I had a great metabolism and never seemed to gain any significant weight. Well, that’s gone. I also added a lot of crappy foods and drinks to my diet, which just packed on more and more layers of fat over the last 20+ years!

So, for my 2017 New Year’s resolution I decided to go clean. Clean eating lifestyle. I bought a few books on the subject and started my detox. They say your body can reset itself after 25 days. After two months of clean eating I dropped about 15 pounds and this gave me a lot of encouragement. But then things slowed down and I’m only losing between a half pound to 1 pound a week now, which works for me.

I have added some morning exercises once I get up. Starting with sit ups everyday, slowly increasing the sit up count. Then I added some planks. Wow, this is a killer exercise! Hold it for a 30 to 60 count for 1 to 3 reps and you will feel the affect almost immediately. I can feel my whole core.

I walk with my wife and daughter about 5-6 nights per week. We walk about 2.5 miles in 45 minutes or less.

My eating regiment goes something like this; breakfast – banana/raw honey/peanut butter with iced green & mint tea. lunch – mostly salads and fruits with apple juice spritzer. dinner – protein, salad, fruit with natural juice spritzer. dessert– dark chocolate, nuts, dates. Rinse and repeat day after day…

This blog is to help me stay focused on my lifestyle change quest. I’m dedicating 1 year to see the difference in my health and well being.

I tell people it is a mind-set. You just have to tell yourself that eating bad has consequences on your long term health and life expectancy. Food created in a lab with more ingredients that you cannot pronounce or understand is not good for your natural body. Eat clean and be well, that’s what it is all about.

Sure sometimes¬†I cheat and eat a slice of pizza, but you know what, my body feels it and reacts in a bad way. Slowly, without even realizing it, your body will crave the good stuff and you won’t even be attracted to the bad stuff. It is not easy.

I had an uncle who was a scientist who used to eat very healthy and I remember one time he was reading the ingredients on a box of crackers, when he said to me, ‘it is probably healthier to eat this box than it’s contents!’

Eating Right is a life style change, a mind – set for a healthy body.

Eat Well. Be Well.

Paul Ringgold