Fasting & Keto

Over the last few months, I have been researching for my next venture for my and have found a combo of things to try in an effort to find a healthier lifestyle.

Last year, I focused on giving up all processed foods to see where that gets me on the scale. By phasing out the processed foods and exercising, I dropped only about 25 pounds. I could tell that my body wasn’t craving those processed foods anymore and when I did indulge in something that I used to eat that was bad for me, I would have stomach aches almost immediately. So, my body was clean and my body rejected those  bad foods.

Summer brought a lot indulging and I just watched myself balloon back to my original 230 pounds. With day temperatures around 100+ I stopped taking my nightly walks, I did however swim every night for about 8 weeks.

I have heard a lot of people talk about the Keto diet and I hate the word diet, I’d rather try to change my lifestyle for the long term than try some fad diet.  I guess it took me over a year to read labels and stop buying processed foods by incorporating healthier choices into my daily eating routine.

So, I came across this article on, on Intermittent Fasting (IF) the 16/8 method. I have always thought about doing a fast or a cleanse to clean out my system, but this 16/8 method works pretty well with my current daily routine.

Simply, you fast for 16 hours and then eat within an 8-hour window. You sleep through half of the fasting hours so it’s not too bad. After waking in the AM you can drink water, tea or coffee until you hit your 8-hour eating window.

During this fasting time your body will start burning fat stored in your body for energy. I have quite a lot of fat, so I am happy about this part of the process.

I decided to combine my IF with Keto and Paleo foods. I have never paid close attention to my carb intake because I don’t usually eat a lot of carbs to begin with except my beautiful IPAs, ouch! They are loaded with carbs, 2 of them would max out my carb quota for the day! Check out this website called, it breaks down the carbs in all your alcoholic drinks.

I just got a stationary bicycle that I can ride for the remainder of these hot summer months while it is too hot to walk. I will be continuing my swimming into the fall.

I’m going to try this for 90 days and report back to you once a month with my stats.

Wish me luck!

Toolkit for 2018

Happy New Year!

Now with the holidays behind us we can get back to watching what we eat and start exercising again.

Last year, my quest for eating right was to involve cutting out all processed foods and a nightly IPA. I was walking at least 10 miles a week and learned to cut out all processed foods. All that being said, I only dropped about 30 pounds, went down almost 3 inches on my waist and down from an XL to L, which is fine, only to pack  10 pounds back on through the holidays.

I really need to look at the tools I used last year and incorporate some new ones for this year’s eating right challenge.

This year I plan on adding more probiotic products to my diet at least once a week, whether it is kimchee, sauerkraut or kefir, because I want to focus not only on a slimmer gut, but also a healthy one.

More exercise, I don’t think walking is enough. I dread going to the gym, I get so bored going through the routines, but as I am spending way too much time behind a desk these days, I really need to find a way to exercise all my muscles.

I found two good magazines during the year for finding new and inspiring dishes to try out; Eating Well and Cooking Light, I would recommend picking up an issue or two. A lot of the mainstream cooking magazines out there have a lot of fluff and ads, but no real substance.

Mentally, I would recommend word games. Try, they are timed and they have 1000s of them or the weekend WSJ crossword puzzles. WSJ has a new one called, Rows Garden it is sort of a Sudoku for words.  Pick up the Sunday or weekend edition of your favorite newspaper to keep up on current events or read some great in-depth political commentary or the opinion section to see what other people of thinking.

There are also some great programs on Netflix for food related topics. I’m watching, ‘Rotten’ right now that delves more into the food/greed side of that industry.

I watched a documentary on HBO about the key to living a long life called, ‘If you’re not in the Obituary, Eat Breakfast’. Carl Reiner, interviews 90-100 year old actors and entertainers to find out their secret to longevity and it really all boils down to ‘keep moving’. Carl Reiner (95) walks every day, still writes and works on different projects and he meets socially with old time friend, Mel Brooks (91) to watch old movies together. The key must not only to be keeping your body moving, but also your mind.

This is my toolkit for this year’s commitment to Eating Right, hope you all have a happy and healthy new year.